How to Write Rock Songs

Inspiration is the key for gaining success in any field. It is the inspiration that will not let you sleep in night because you always think about it. The same inspiration is needed in writing Rock Songs. Often people think that playing guitar, bass, drums and singing is all enough to write rock songs. But this is not true and you may not claim to be an expert in song writing field. The bitter truth is that there is no ready made recipe with ingredients that you put into and become a great song writer. You have to be realistic, flexible and active leaner so to pick, amend and adjust the tips and method of writing songs. Below we are going to share How to Write Rock Songs.

How to Write Rock Songs

How to Write Rock Songs

How to Write Rock Songs:

There are two ways that you can follow to write rock songs. It depends upon your nature, your mode and your abilities which one you prefer to choose. You can go with any method or both of them. Choice is yours. The methods are:

Inspirational Writing Method:

This method works on your mind thinking. What you are thinking, pour it on the paper. You might be watching a romantic movie or listening to a romantic song. During this time you imagine yourself acting in the movie or song and start singing your own song that is blurring into your mind. At this time, please do not try to arrange wording into a cohesive writing. Instead, just write down what ever coming in your mind. Write in a text form or in different pictorial format. Choose which one best suits you.

Get inspired Writing Method:

This method works on the principle of getting inspired from others lyrics. The key here is to listen your favorite songs and its read its lyrics and then analyze its intro, verse, chorus, hook, bridge, break and outro to gain detailed knowledge how many times each has been used and how they were lined with each other. Please do not try to copy other people’s work. Instead write your own rock songs and use expert song writer’s work as a sample and for reference purpose only. Remember, you are learning to write your own rock songs and not learning to copy other people’s work.

The above guide requires efforts from your side. Still you are facing any problems, then you can join various online communities or forums where there are professional song writers are more than willing to help you out in writing rock songs. Keep in mind that you may not start write good songs from the first day. That is why it is highly recommended to start writing songs on a daily basis. This will sharpen your writing skills and your mind will think more aggressively because you are already plenty of stuff in your mind for effective song writing. Punctuality is the key to success and practice makes thing perfect, this is the first and the last verdict in my recommendation.